Let there be howls the size of the Moon,

And Silence grow in drops of Shadow

Let the fire fight against the Great Darkness

Let there be Rain for ages,

Making us forget the heat of the Sun

Let there be stones ripped off from their bedrock,

Dragged into dust by wind and water of the Great River

Ask the disobedient Angel about the feeling of flying,

Or else make bonds with the White Unicorn.

Let the Nymph become a Butterfly,

And let the Butterfly be crushed by the hungry Tiger

Do not say a word to the old Carp in trance

Pass through the Swamps without pulling the Mandrake roots,

They are the Semen, they are not the Food.

Find the endless Lowland filled with nothing but melting Light

Reach the Mountain surrounded by the Emptiness,

And climb it as far as you can see

Find that sacred place where Time stays still,

And the juicy fruits fall rotten to the ground

That's where I will be

That's where I will build my Empire.

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