This weekend became one huge turn point in my life.

I’ve learnt that there are many people just like me, and so many others completely different. And that was good.

I’ve been to places I’d never imagined they even existed, and I’ve been to places I’d never had the courage to visit. And that made me feel good.

I’ve lost dear things, and I’ve gained wonderful new ones. I’ve discovered new qualities in old friends, and old interests in new ones. I’ve met some really interesting people, and some not so interesting.

I’ve confirmed that there’s no safer place like friendship, and that there are days to win and days to loose. And we just have to accept it.

I’ve learnt a little bit more about my fears, and, above all, I’ve understood that it’s ok to be afraid.

Long live the weekend.


  1. where the fuck have you passed your weekend?! :)

    boa intersecção de emoções.
    keep going

    cousin johny

  2. LOL mesmo que tentasses não conseguirias imaginar!

    Mas quando tivermos um tempinho, contar-te-ei tudo! Vale a pena...

  3. podes dizer que apartir de agora és um tiago diferente, talvez tenhas perdido algo importante, mas tenhas ganho muito mais coisas que te fazem ser Tu importante

    Grande abraco Tiago

    Du SC